once upon a time we were creative trainers & genius technicians based in apple stores.

as passionate apple-fans, gadget lovers & problem solvers we can't wait

to share our KNOWLEDGE with yoU:


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

You are the creative one, you know what character you want your project to process so we'll work with you/your company to make you the web developer, movie maker, photoshopper...

Got a big project to conquer, but want to be armed with the skills to continue working on it. We can facilitate and up-skill you to continue building/updating your website, editing your youtube videos, creating & sharing a newsletter etc. 

We’re also a tricky bunch that are happy to set up all of your devices to whatever level you need, be that creating and setting up new email accounts or creating a juicy spreadsheet for you.

Some ideas for what we can build with you and leave you to manage:

• Web Design & Publishing

• Video Production

• Photo Editing

• Presentation Creation

• Spreadsheet building

• Podcast recording

• Photo Book creation

Get in touch to discuss your needs, and how we can build you and your staff’s creativity.


We love to chat about lovely gadgets that problem solve or provide a lot of fun. Offering well-researched, non-bias solutions for you. 

We can go from offering advice, to shopping together to get you the best price, the coolest kit and we can also come home with you to get it all set up and working in harmony. 

Previous tasks we’ve helped with:

• Automating your home’s lighting

• Home network set up

• Kitting out your business with the perfect hardware & software for your needs

• Buying your first tablet

• Providing continuity between all of your technology new & old

Get in touch for a chat to see how we can streamline your shopping experience.


Our patient trainers who all once were "onetoone" trainers at Apple, talk non-techy language to help you get the most amount of enjoyment from your devices.

Set-up: We are happy to help set up your technology, no job is too big or too small.

There’s no such thing as a silly question: We can work through a list of questions you may have accumulated or help you as and when they come up.

Got a job in mind: We can facilitate working on your project. This could be making a home movie, or getting your spreadsheets in order. Just let us know and we’ll provide the best trainer.

Need inspiration? Our trainers are equipped with an exciting skill set for you to make the most of, ready to inspire and and find something that you may not even know that your device can do for you.

We do a lot more, but here’s some of the popular subjects we cover:

• Getting started with Mac, iPhone, iPad

• Getting the most out of your TV

• Perfecting your photo’s

• Editing a movie in Final Cut Pro

• Getting creative in Adobe Photoshop.

• Word processing on Mac and/or iPad

• Music making in GarageBand

• Build your own website

• Printer set-up

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TRAINING STARTS AT £40 for 1 hour in the kent area.
gift cards also available.
get in touch FOR A QUOTE TO unlock you & your technologY's potential...